Learning to fly is both easy and inexpensive when you come to the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, For between just $1600 & $2400  most people can learn to fly solo in our 80 hp aircraft ( RGA & RGC ) and with a bit of study achieve the RAANZ Advanced Microlight Pilot Certificate to allow them to fly all over the country.

What You Need

The first thing you need to do is to arrange a trial instructional flight. Contact one of the instructors listed below and arrange a flight where you will get to fly the aircraft.

Once you have decided that you want to learn to fly, you will need to have your GP complete a Medical Certificate for you, and you will also need to complete a Fit & Proper Person Declaration (both on the Resources page) Take the completed forms to your instructor (at your next lesson) Your Instructor will then arrange for a Microlight Pilots License to be issued by RAANZ (Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand). At this stage you will need to join the club (an annual subscription and joining fee, see the Prices page) and also RAANZ (annual subscription). You will also need to purchase both a Pilots Logbook and a Pilots Training Manual.

Scheduling lesson

Instruction should be arranged with your chosen Instructor. Please be aware that our Instructors have busy lives too, and may not always be available. Weather will also be a factor - we do not normally fly in strong nor-westers! Your Instructor will record your progress in your logbook which you should bring to each lesson.

What it costs

You will pay for time in the aircrarft, plus ground instruction (a donation for your instructor's time of $30). The current hourly charge is displayed on the Prices page. On average a student may take 10 -15 hours to go solo, the likely total cost is around $1600 - $2400, based upon the 80HP Tecnams & $1800 - $2700 for the 100HP Tecnam

Please note that the Annual Membership Fee is $120 per annum . A "one off " Joining Fee of $30.00 is also applicable 

For those people joining throughout the year after April , the Annual Membership will be charged on a reducing "Pro-Rata " basis

It is expected that your payment for the hire of the club aircraft be paid immediately after the flight and is Direct Credited to the Club Account:

Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club 03 1594 0061058 000


Microlights are governed principally by two organisations, RAANZ  & Flying NZ (formerly the RNZAC) also has some microlight operations.

Listed below are our currently active instructors and their affiliations to a Part 149 organisation as above


Benjamin Dodd - 3 Axis Tuition , RAANZ              -         Chief Flying Instructor
021 237 4649
Doug Anderson - Trike and 3 Axis Tuition, R AANZ
021 510 548
Scott James - 3 Axis Tuition, RAANZ
021 525 561
Dave Mitchell - 3 Axis Tuition, RAANZ
027 228 9556
Glenn Martin - 3 Axis Tuition, RAANZ 
021 109 1851
Colin MacDonald - 3 Axis Tuition, RAANZ
021 047 5270

Lionel Green - 3 Axis Tuition , RAANZ

027 359 5849

Easwaran Krishnaswamy - 3 Axis Tuition , RAANZ

022 640 2604