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The following are some useful informational documents relating to Microlights in NZ, and the club itself.

CRAC Emergency Response Plan - 2021
Actions to be taken in the event of an emergency related to CRAC activities and in particular Club aircraft.

CRAC Membership Pack
Contains general membership information, learning to fly information, membership application form, fit and proper person form, guide to getting a medical, and the medical declaration/certificate form.

(RAANZ) Medical Form
The medical declaration/certificate and a guide to getting your medical, this is the standard RAANZ form but has been reformatted by CRAC to print off better.

CRAC Incorporated Club Rules (April 2023)

Aims of Club hangars

CRAC Hangar Lease Revised March 2023

CRAC - Aircraft Hire Policy

CRAC Safety Management System (SMS)

Microlight Definitions from the CAA (Advisory Circular 103-1)
This document gives the definitions (weight, stall speed etc) and type acceptance information which are acceptable for the CAA to designate an aircaft as a Class 1 or 2 Microlight.

Importing, Building and Registration Guidance Notes
This document provides a checklist to ensure that the aircraft you wish to import or build will be acceptable to the CAA for registration as a Microlight.

Part 91
This document is CAA Rule Part 91, the underlying rule for all operating and flight in New Zealand.

Part 103
This document is CAA Rule Part 103, the rule which provides additions and exceptions to Part 91 specific to the operation and flight of Microlights.

Part 149
This document is CAA Rule Part 149, the rule which prescribes the certification and operating requirements for aviation recreation organisations.

RAANZ Policy and Procedures (Operations)
This web page is the current Field Operations section of the RAANZ Policy and Procedures to which RAANZ members adhere. This is where you will find the pilot certificate structure.