Price List

Prices as at 1 December 2022 , subject to change without notice. All prices include GST, a tax invoice can be provided on request.

Our bank account number is 03-1594-0061058-00.


Hangarage $216.67 per month for Microlight, Light Sport
Subject to availablility, conditions apply

Tecnams P92 ZK-RGA & RGC  (80 HP)           

Tecnam P92 Mk II ZK-RGE  (100 HP)                               

$150.00 per hour plus Instructor time if required

$170.00 per hour plus instructor time if required

CRAC Joining Fee $30 (one off fee)
CRAC Annual Membership Fee $120 per year . For those people joining throughout the year after April , the Annual Membership will be charged on a reducing pro-rata basis
Accommodation* $30 pp per night & $50 pp total for a stay of 2 nights - Bedroom/Shower/Toilet/Kitchen
Logbook $50
Manual $75

*Accomodation available for emergency use - Pilots/passengers who are delayed by weather. When it is safer to stay the night rather than “push on” please use them and stay safe.